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Take the guess work and frustration out of the early years of bringing up your baby and give them the best start in life!

SIGNING BABIES was established in 2003 to help parents and their babies learn to communicate, bond, and build the baby’s confidence, self esteem and vocabulary. Babies as young as 5 months old can learn to use their hands to communicate what they need or what they are thinking.

The signs are easy and fun to learn. Our team of highly trained teachers provide fun and interactive classes and workshops for you and your baby to learn to sing, play and sign together.

The classes are structured to include communication advice and strategies and we welcome children with special needs and hearing loss.





  • LAUNCH PARTY - 1st April at the Hitchin Town Hall - Everyone is welcome to come along and say Hello! Join in our Sign-a-thon session and take a photo with Signing Sam and his friends.  
  • Summer Term 2017 - Most of our Summer Term classes start from mid April,  please see our classes page to see what is available.
  • We are re-branding! Our Signing Babies, Signing Toddlers and Signing Talkers Logos are all getting a facelift! We also have a new website coming soon! Follow us on Twitter (@signingbabies) and Facebook (@signinbabies) to keep upto date!
  • New Parent Company! Introducing "The Signing Company", this is a parent company for Signing Babies, Signing Toddlers and Signing Talkers. The Signing Company will offer classes in Preschools, Nurseries, Day-Care settings and Schools, along with Workshops to train all those working with children to include signing in their settings.


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What the experts say

Dr Linda Acredolo Dr Susan Goodwyn
('Baby Signs' Vermillion, 2000)

With signs literally at your baby's fingertips, communication between you can flourish during that difficult time from about nine to thirty months, when your baby's desire to communicate outstrips her capacity to say words.